A severe storm wiped out power and hydro affecting thousands in the area of #Parksville , #Qualicum , #Errington , #Coombs . The power outage has hit 7 days and is expected by BC Hydro to continue in some areas for days yet.

The focus for the money spent was to help those in need in the above listed areas which includes the Coombs RV and Campground. There are just over 100 people who live in that site alone. Some with full families and kids.

The money was used for food, gas for generators, hotel rooms (one night each to give them a chance to recharge), generator rentals, water and propane for heaters etc... for those having a hard time. (Especially hard with it being Christmas time) which can already put a great amount of stress on folks.

I drove around the area checking on folks who were there ensuring that your donations went to those in dire need.

This is one of those times that your donations have the biggest impact, effect for those who benefited.

I can't thank you all enough for the opportunity y'all have once again provided to help those in need. Granted, this wasn't the normal assistance to vets... It was more local and critical for those who benefited.